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Are you struggling with the Covid pandemic, social distancing, social restrictions, social anxiety and lockdown? Are you feeling confused and vulnerable? Is this affecting your sleep? Are you worried about the future? Do you feel lonely and anxious? Maybe you’re normally confident but now just seem to experience perpetual fear? I can help...


Anything that causes us to feel a negative emotion is stress and EVERYONE experiences stress. The world is getting faster and we’re all feeling it. Maybe you deal with the daily grind of a demanding job, relationship or family. Perhaps things are a bit more serious? Perhaps you suffer with anxiety or panic attacks? You’re probably like everyone else at the moment - struggling to deal with the Global Covid pandemic. The confusion, the financial worry, the loneliness and uncertainty?

As a Harley Street therapist of many years, I’ve helped people with everything from Impostor Syndrome (feeling unworthy) to PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Maybe you would just like to be more confident? 

Being a Martial Arts, self defence and Women’s self defence instructor I’ve been helping people increase their confidence levels for nearly 30 years. If you’re tired of being held back and would like to move forward, get in touch.



Phobias are more common than you think. Look around you, anything and everything you can see is probably a source of extreme fear and anxiety for someone. These things can hold us back and prevent success and happiness. If you have one, I can help!


Over the years as a Registered Hypnotherapist, I have helped hundreds of people all over the World overcome their fears and move forward with their lives. I’ve dealt with all the main ones; spiders, heights, public speaking and, THE most dangerous one of all – Needles.

I’ve also had great success with:


  • Crowds

  • Open spaces

  • Closed spaces

  • Trains

  • Lifts

  • Elevators

  • Ladders

  • Stones

  • Beans

  • Buttons

  • Cotton wool

  • Dogs

  • Birds

  • Clowns

  • Confrontation


The reality is, most people carry a phobia around with them, if you do and you’ve had enough let’s sort it out together.




This Syndrome affects more people than you think! It's an overwhelming sensation that, no matter what you do, what you achieve or how often people praise and admire you, you just don't deserve your accomplishments, that it's all been a one big're going to be exposed as a fraud.  Some statistics say it’s around 70% of adults but I’ve heard of reports where the stats are even higher. It is Worldwide and indiscriminate – it doesn’t care about sex, religion, age or race. It’s also on the increase. Social Media is a big part of the problem - with the ability to take hundreds of photos, choose the right one, Photoshop and filter then upload a false representation of reality.

The thing is, you are not alone! Just understanding this helps most people who realise that it’s OK to feel like this and it’s certainly OK to openly talk about it. The reality is that most people are either experiencing it right now or they have had some encounter with it in the past, how do I know? Because I have!

Impostor Syndrome can result in a whole host of negative issues from declining a job promotion to prematurely terminating a perfectly nice, loving relationship. In my experience the people that feel like a fraud (that they are not worthy) are usually the most efficient, proficient and competent people around. You don’t HAVE to feel like this, let’s have a chat.

TRYPANOPHOBIA - needle phobia

My mission in life is to raise awareness of this awful phobia, some experts estimate (and I agree) that Trypanophobia is THE number 1 cause of easily avoidable, premature deaths in the world. I started my campaign when I witnessed a family member having to be sedated and restrained in order to participate in an essential batch of blood tests. I spent an hour with her, did some magic, now having an injection is just an minor inconvenience. This phobia is so common and is right up there with spiders, heights and public speaking. However, people don't tend to die from being scared of spiders, heights and public speaking!

So, if you have a needle phobia and it is genuinely affect your health, (and I feel it is appropriate) I will help you resolve the issue and give you your life back...for free!

***** This service cannot be offered for FREE during the global COVID vaccination rollout! *****

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