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He has achieved successful outcomes for both his individual personal clients as well as many major banks, blue chip corporations and financial institutions.

In addition to being a Ninjutsu martial arts instructor, Karl is one of the world's leading experts in the field of stress management.

Karl drew on the parallels between his stressed out martial art students and his stressed out therapy clients to create his internationally selling book 'Stress Ninja', in which he outlines his pioneering concept that, external circumstances are not the cause of stress, but our response to those circumstances.

The book was created to help readers control their ' hardwired, physiological response to a situation, in order to control the situation'.

Growing up on council estates Karl did not seem to be the typical candidate to become a therapist, life coach and author. Had it not been for major eye surgery at the age of 6, followed by two years of intensive visual therapy, he may never have corrected the serious optical defect which had prevented him from learning to read.

Making up for lost time Karl became a voracious reader. His new found love of writing resulted in him winning a competition to interview Grange Hill creator Phil Redmond who was so impressed with the young Karl's creative work that he made him promise to pursue a career in writing.

Eternally grateful for the encouragement he received from TV mogul Phil Redmond Karl has made encouraging and helping others his career.


Hackney born Karl Rollison is an internationally renowned Harley Street therapist, hypnotist, author and life coach.

"I love helping people who feel ‘lost’, maybe that’s how you feel?
Remember, there isn’t a Sat Nav for Life, sometimes you have to ask for directions.”
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