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I have helped people all over the world, from Australia to Dubai, from multi-millionaire businessmen to housewives. I have successfully dealt with most issues including low self-esteem, confidence crashes, loss, stress, anxiety, insomnia and a vast and varied range of phobias. Here are a few comments from some of my previous clients:

"I'm usually nervous around strangers but I instantly relaxed with you. Just wanted to say thank you for such a positive and interesting experience. It was truly fascinating and insightful.  I have been smiling ever since!"

Deb, City of London

"I’d had limited success with both counselling and hypnotherapy in the past, but working with Karl has been a completely different experience.  He spent time getting to the root cause of my anxieties, then he worked with me to reduce my negative tendencies, improve my general state of mind and empower me to feel much more confident and positive”.  

Nick, Essex

"....discussing the issues I have been having with someone who has insights was quite excellent. I really wish I had done this sooner. "

An, Luxemburg.

"One word...'wow!' Karl made me feel relaxed and comfortable at all times and was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs assistance with overcoming any fear!"

Sarah Jane, London

"I’ve never seen Karl as a client. I just got into a discussion with him one evening. He gave me his card and we got into a discussion about stress. He didn’t know I was a Doctor so I thought I would have some fun with him. I started getting more and more technical around physiological and neurological responses. He put me in my place. His detail of knowledge around Stress identification is as good as anything I have experienced, discussed or read, but his ability to reduce and eradicate the symptoms (without the aid of drugs) is on a different level! I learnt some very interesting things. When I told him I was a Doctor he didn’t miss a beat he merely said, ‘Then you’ll know that I’m right’ "

Mo M.D. Dubai

I’ve been doing Judo for many years but I always got cripplingly nervous before Competitions. I’d heard of Mushin No Shin (the mind without mind) but thought it was a heightened state that would take many many years to achieve. A friend of mine told me about Karl as a Martial art hypnotherapist. Karl actually SHOWED me how to enter the state within an hour! Karl’s understanding of Martial Arts and the mindset are amazing. Fantastic! I’ve started using it in my job too.

Chris, Kent.

“I got caught in a heavy Riptide as a kid and I developed a water phobia, not a great situation for an Aussie. It got so bad I wouldn’t even go near our swimming pool. I felt I was missing out watching my family having fun. I insisted that I didn’t want to be hypnotised. Karl (a friend of a friend) said he could sort out my phobia by just talking to me. I said ‘good luck with that’. By the end of the day my kids were trying to drag me out because they were going wrinkly. Amazing!”  

Rob, Melbourne Australia.

"Karl came in to test drive a car. He gave me his card and I said that I have a phobia. He mentioned that he rarely sees a ‘proper’ phobia where someone can’t even mention the subject matter. He told me there was a tiny spider in the corner of the showroom...I walked out, this happened a lot much to the amusement of my colleagues. Within no time he asked me to throw it out, which I did! Now if theres a spider in the house I’m the one that throws it out...Karl never bought the car though. Ha ha "

Sophia, Essex.

"I was living in the Same Hotel as Karl in Dubai and we used to meet in the Gym most days. I mentioned that I had an upper limit with what I could bench press and because I’d never take any ‘suppliments’ I would never break through the barrier. Karl told me that that was absolute rubbish - 20 minutes later, 20 MINUTES! Just talking to me in some spooky way and using visualisation I SMASHED my PB bench press!"

Adam, Address Hotel, Dubai

"The resulting effect was immediate on my mind and wellbeing. I felt so much better, as if a weight had been lifted and I am still benefiting from it. The methodology he used had worked, where previously months of therapy had not. I have continued to see Karl when he has been to the office in order to address other matters (my original list was extensive) and I have had more success. Where previously, I was concentrating on the personal side, I am now going to look at topics related to work.I would highly recommend anyone to Karl, he has literally helped to change my life!"

Kris. London

The time I had with Karl was superb. He was inspiring and captivating and I thoroughly advise any company to get him in if you can.

Vina, London.

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